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11 mars 2019
  • GLG Consultation with our client on 'Sepsis Filtration Therapy | France' (Project ID 2846363) (ref: sch.RaRAW5H4j38)

    11 mars 2019 @ 15 h 30 min - 16 h 30 min
    Dial-in: +33 9 75 18 25 59, Pin: 7318675#

    We've confirmed the following call for our client's project 'Sepsis Filtration
    Therapy | France'.

    Our conference system will call you at +33610916962. If this number is not
    correct, please edit your primary phone number on the contact section in your profile [] . Please note it is preferred for you to wait to be called from our system,
    though you may use the dial-in details below as an alternative.

    When: March 11, 2019 03:30 pm CET
    Phone: +33 9 75 18 25 59
    Passcode: 7318675#

    Please let me know if you have any conflicts or if I can offer any further

    Ashley Davis


    This Client has elected to record this phone consultation. By participating in
    this consultation, you consent to being recorded.


    As a reminder, here is the profile information that you have provided GLG. If
    any of this is inaccurate, please let me know.

    Project Screening Questions:

    Q: Are you able to indicate your practice specialty and years of experience? If
    yes, please confirm both.
    A: Yes - 30 years in ICU practice
    Q: Are you able to indicate which of the following best describes your practice
    setting A) Hospital-based, affiliated with an academic institution, B)
    Hospital-based, not affiliated with an academic institution, C) Individual
    Practice, D) Small group practice, E) Large group practice? Select one response.
    A: Yes - Yes : A
    Q: Are you able to confirm what percentage of your time as a physician is spent in
    direct patient care? If yes, please confirm.
    A: Yes - More than 90%
    Q: Are you able to indicate which CRRT platform you currently use A)
    Prismaflex/Baxter, B) Multifiltrate/FMC, C) Omni/B.Braun, D) System one/NxStage,
    E) Other. If yes, please confirm.
    A: Yes - A + B + E
    Q: Are you able to confirm how many Sepsis patients you treat with blood
    purification filters in a typical month? If yes, please confirm.
    A: Yes - More than 5 patients for approx 50 pt x d
    Q: Do you have current or recent experience using any of the following purification
    filters: A) OXIRIS, B) CYTOSORB, C) TORAYMYXIN, D) Other. If yes, please state
    all you have experience with.
    A: Yes - A+B
    Q: Are you able to indicate which of the following types of intensive care units
    you currently work in: A) Mixed, B) Medical, C) Cardiac, D) Surgical, E)
    Pediatric, F) Trauma, G) Other. If yes, please select all that apply.
    A: Yes - A
    Q: Are you able to indicate which of the following statements best describes your
    role in your ICU: A)I am solo decision maker regarding when to initiate sepsis
    filtration therapy in ICU, B) I share decision making responsibility regarding
    when to initiate sepsis filtration therapy in ICU, C) A different physician in
    my institution is responsible for making the decision. Please select one.
    A: Yes - B because we have to work days and nights but in case of incertainity I am
    the referer
    Q: Are you able to indicate the number of hours of exposure you have had for the
    following treatments: A) CytoSorb, B) oXiris, C) PMX. Please indicate you
    exposure for ALL.
    A: Yes - A 20 B 300 C 0

    Compliance Screening Questions:

    Q: The pharmaceutical company commissioning this research has a legal obligation to
    report details of a specific adverse event or product complaint with a specific
    patient regarding its pharmaceutical products ("adverse event") that is
    mentioned by healthcare professionals during the course of this research.
    Accordingly, should you raise an adverse event in a specific patient or group of
    patients during any interaction related to this project, you agree that such
    information is reportable, even if it may have already been reported by you to
    the company, regulatory authorities, or government. If the company requires more
    information about the adverse event mentioned in the course of the project, you
    further agree to waive any confidentiality rights or expectations you might have
    in relation to the adverse event so that you may be contacted directly for
    further information. You understand and agreement that the client may have to
    report the adverse event to the FDA and/or other regulatory agencies. In
    addition, the client may be required to report any payment or anything of value
    that you receive for your participation in this research, pursuant to applicable
    state, federal or international law. The reported information may be publicly
    disclosed by a governmental agency or by the client through a website, database,
    or by other means. Do you agree to participate in this project on these terms?
    A: Yes


    Compliance Reminder:
    Please remember that you must not disclose confidential information to GLG or
    its clients and you must not mention your other GLG projects with any client or
    other third party. This includes the topic of past discussions, identity of
    clients you have worked with, and frequency of work you do with us. To encourage
    you to err on the side of caution during your participation as a Council Member,
    you may submit a payment request for the full time you set aside for any project
    you discontinue in order to comply with your obligations and GLG’s Terms and
    Conditions of Council Membership.
    Additional Conference Numbers:
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